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Instead, it is proudly art-cinema, a liquid form of poetry that flows and transmits the depth of the literary genius of Webb in a way that only cinema can.

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Once brought to completion, I believe Three Poems by Frank Webb will be a unique Australian film: powerful, poetic and beautiful, it will stand as a lasting tribute to the incredible life and poetry of Francis Webb. To stay abreast of developments with the film or for news of forthcoming screenings of Electric, email olliemiller icloud. Donations are fully tax deductible! Giggling, squinting, with laundry, confectioneries, Old women bear fodder for the universe, add their spark To a train of time that blows open the infinite.

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It is blackness about them discloses our galaxies. Look on these faces: now look out at the dark: It was always and must be always the stuff of light. The decrepit persistent folly within this place Will sow with itself the last paddock of space. Saboteur autumn has riddled the pampered folds Of the sun; gum and willow whisper seditious things; Servile leaves now kick and toss in revolution, Wave bunting, die in operatic reds and golds; And we, the drones, fated for the hundred stings, Grope among chilly combs of self-contemplation While the sun, on sufferance, from his palanquin Offers creation one niggling lukewarm grin.

Friend, we row together.

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Quite a way: And that curve ahead — but think of yesterday. Giggle of pizzicati. Of people, young and old, along the bank: First, and always, the people, sane and wise, The word behind the hand, the cyclopaedic eyes Detecting sewage in our feeble currents; Loud voices, too, the horns come down in torrents.

Dampened, we drift into appointed pools. Remember that we are a pair of fools.

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And hence perhaps the cringing Blurting fear When first we march, or they march us, into here With walls all diligently painted green, Gloating like Machiavelli. We have seen Strait-jackets if we wrestle, a padded cell Private and warm and comfortable as hell. Row on, please God we strike an ocean. You and I, surgeons with scathing knives of perspective, May watch the Present, the second dissolution Piercing his fibres, draining his face of feature, And his groping, luminous eye fading, drying out.

Shreds of laurel crumble in the brains of friends; Hooked barbs of venom rust with an enemy; Perhaps the true balance lies with some quiet woman Who will not shriek accusations to struggle through The choking green smoke of the grass; nor will her love Flicker and throb from the smoulder of fine words.

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Please look through the following slides to get an idea of the ground that will be covered in lectures and tutorials this week. What fun!

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Please read as much of the text as you can before we start rehearsals next week…. We then had the privilege of having as our guest the poet Judith Beveridge who spoke….

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There have been some truly fabulous Summative Blog Posts from the group of students who have just finished the third year unit Reading Australia. Sometimes it is the sounds of birds the two words of the cuckoo , sometimes it is a star echoing the story Webb was told…. Back on home turf I am now about to present a series of four two-hour seminars on the life and poetry of Francis Webb. This takes place at the Aquinas Academy in the Rocks, Sydney.