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No Letting Go is a dramatic, independent feature film based on the real-life story of producer and co-writer Randi Silverman and her family.

No Letting Go: A Family's Grief and Hope When Mental Illness Strikes

Determined to give voice to the millions of families who suffer alone and in silence, Randi used her own very personal experiences raising a young child who was diagnosed with a mental health disorder to create true to life characters, scenes, and dialogue that honestly reflect the struggles so many families face. No Letting Go was made to shine a light on the devastating impacts of untreated childhood mental health disorders in an effort to create community conversations, end the silence caused by blame and shame, build awareness and understanding, and let families know they are not alone.

The producers of No Letting Go have partnered with The Youth Mental Health Project, a nonprofit C 3 organization, to bring the film to as many communities as possible in an effort to educate, empower, and support families and inspire dialogue needed to lay the important foundation for early intervention and prevention.

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The film screened 5 times each day for a full week in each location. Our conversation was deep and meaningful. I can see that this person might not be in my life for a long period of time OR maybe she will.

One thing is for sure — I am not holding on to these types of relationships too tightly anymore. I am going with the flow in a loose kind of way.

I feel that this allows the chips to fall as they may — the lack of pressure for it to look a certain way serves both people well. These are the friendships we cultivate from the point of planting a small seed, watering it, keeping it healthy, feeding it nutrients and watching it grow into a beautiful bloom. They are the friendships that, after a certain amount of time, you know that they are going to be in your life for the foreseeable future, if not forever.

I have many friends who have been in my life for many, many years. Each one began differently and over the years each was strengthened by experiences, commonalities and mutual love and support.

Goodbye Dave: Letting Go of the Story of Me

Each of these people have had a huge impact on my life and I see that they will be around for a long time, if not forever. One I wrote about was due to a violent incident that is irreparable at the moment. After over a decade of close intimate friendship it is now over and we may never speak again. This is sad — and has taught me a lot.

I have also recently let go of a friend who I have been very close to for almost a year.

Letting Go

Right away we were tethered to each other in a way. As soon as we met we connected at a deep level — so deep that I can only describe it as a soul connection.

Lifetime Movies QD Let Her Go 2019 Based On A True Story 2019

This friendship has been extremely meaningful in my life and it came to a point where it was time to end. With both these friendships I had lifetime expectations and they ended up being seasonal relationships. They were meant to be in my life for a season — be that months or years. As for right now, I see that they are not be meant to be in my life forever. I am also open to reconciliation if the time is right. Sometimes when you are so connected to somebody and have such a deep, intimate relationship with them you realize that in going so deep into one another it has become unhealthy.

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Recently I saw how this friendship affected my mental health and realized I needed to let it go. As difficult as letting go can be for us emotionally, knowing how much we pour into and cultivated certain friendships, it is important to know that they were purposeful in their own special ways.

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  • I have learned a lot about not holding on too tightly, even to the people I think will be there forever. The truth was the time might come for friendships to end — at least for the foreseeable future. Again, we can be open to this changing one day and be satisfied with where they are at the moment.

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    When it comes to relationships, both people are committed in some fashion. Some are extremely committed and some are committed in a fair-weather kind of way. Both show up in a way that serves themselves and we each get what we need from the relationship. We pour into one another, giving and receiving and building something. This is a wonderful thing and worth the time and effort it takes to be in relationship with one another. Sometimes we build something amazing and it stands strong for a short time.